Investment Conditions

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Investment Conditions

The company has a number of senior technical staff such as senior tea-teachers and senior technicians of tea refiners. With strong talents, technical advantages, advanced tea professional testing equipment.

How should the leaf be identified from what aspects? This has always been a problem that many people encounter when selling tea. The first step is to pour the tea into the pan and make a directional rotation under certain conditions. From three aspects, the first is to look at the uniformity and uniformity of the tea leaves and the tightness of the strips. Second, depending on the clarity of the tea, the less tea stems, petioles, and tea seeds, the better. Third, depending on its color, black tea is better with black brown oil, and green tea is better with green and lustrous. By hovering, close to the nose, you can smell its smell, such as aroma, it is good tea. The second step, tea, is also the most important content, mainly from the following four aspects, one is smelling aroma, rich, pure throat, and good tolerant. The second is to look at the brown color, the black tea is red and bright, and the green tea is green and bright. The third is tea taste, black tea is thick, fresh, pure and sweet; green tea is better with alcohol and fresh. The fourth is to look at the bottom tea. The bottom tea that has been soaked has a uniform color and a uniform color. The young buds in the tea base are high-grade tea. Ye Liang is shiny for new tea. Step 3: When the above two steps cannot be completed, the quality of the tea can be evaluated directly from its shape, color and taste. Generally speaking, for green tea, the color of dry tea is dark green or emerald green, the color of the soup is yellow and green, the aroma is the chestnut fragrance of the nose; the oolong tea, that is, the green tea, is generally strip or granular, and the soup is orange and bright. It is mellow and fresh with natural floral notes. For black tea, there are broken tea and strip tea. The shape of red broken tea is good, the color is black and brown, the soup is red and bright, the taste is strong and fresh, and the strip black tea is tight in appearance. The soup is red and bright, and the taste is strong and fresh. These characteristics are the embodiment of good tea.