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Dejiang County Hongtai Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

basic situation

Founded in 2009, the company is a production and processing private enterprise integrating tea seedling cultivation, tea processing and finished tea sales. The company has a production capacity of 1,000 tons of clean tea processing plant, more than 1,000 acres of pollution-free tea garden. The company's current leading product is the series of tea products of “Shanren Shui” brand: “Vanjingshan Hongtai Jinhao (black tea)”, “Vanjingshan Hongtai Spring Sunflower (Cuiyin)”, “Hongtai Yuzhu” Pearl-shaped tea)", "Hongtai Xuerui (Maojian)", "Hongtai Bilu (Dejiang White Tea)" and so on.

The company has developed smoothly under the care and support of leaders at the provincial, prefecture and county levels. Companies adhere to the "high starting point, high standards, high specifications" concept, "do the best to do." The “Hongtai Tea Processing Factory”, which started construction in 2010 and has an annual processing capacity of 1,000 tons, was put into operation in April 2011. The processing factory was designed and guided by the Guizhou Provincial Tea Branch, and the processing equipment is the domestic first-class equipment purchased in Zhejiang. The factory covers an area of ​​15,330 square meters. In addition to a tea processing workshop covering 3,000 square meters, there is another office building with a building area of ​​2,000 square meters, and a staff dormitory and canteen with a building area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. . The total investment of the plant is 18.8 million yuan. It is a clean tea processing factory with advanced equipment and complete functions.

The company was awarded “2009 Advanced Unit of Science Popularization Work” by Tongren District Science and Technology Association; in May 2012, the company won the honorary title of “Guizhou Green Ecological Excellent Enterprise”; in the same month, through the layer-by-layer inspection, the company obtained “National Industry” Product (food) production license ("QS" certification), certificate number: QS5222 1401 0329; in July 2012, the company obtained "ISO9001 quality system certification"; in October 2012, the company was identified as "Guizhou poverty alleviation leader In February 2013, the company was recognized as “a key leading enterprise in provincial agricultural industrialization management.” In September 2013, the “green tea” and “black tea” products produced by the company won the “Organic Conversion Product Certification”.

In August 2011, in the 3rd Hong Kong International Tea Show and Famous Tea Competition, “Hongtai Yuzhu” won the “third place” in the green tea group; in May 2012, in the second China International Tea Industry and Tea Expo At the meeting, “Hongtai Jinmo” and “Hongtai Chunkui” both won gold medals. In the same month, “Hongtai Zhuzhu” won the gold medal in the “China Famous Tea” competition of Shanghai International Tea Expo; 2012 6 In the Beijing International Tea Industry Exhibition Tea Competition, “Hongtai Zhuzhu” won the gold medal; in October 2012, “Hongtai Jinhao” won the “2012 Golden Bud Award” China's Top Ten Most Potential (Black Tea) Brand"; In October 2012, "Yunlu Qingyu" brand (now known as "Fanjingshan" brand) Hongtai series products were identified as "China famous brands" by China Light and Light Product Quality Assurance Center and so on. In June 2013, “Hongtai Bilu” won the gold medal in the “Best Tea Competition” of Beijing International Tea Industry Exhibition; in August 2013, “Hongtai Chunkui” won the special prize in the “China Tea Cup” competition; 2013 In November, at the 10th China (Beijing) International Tea Expo, “Hongtai Bilu” and “Hongtai Jinhao” won the gold medal. In July 2014, the “Hongtai Chunkui” won the gold medal in the 10th International Tea Competition.

In August 2014, he was selected as one of the top ten local tea companies in Guizhou.