The tea you usually drink is probably just a semi-finished product!

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The tea you usually drink is probably just a semi-finished product!

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2019/01/28 16:10

With the gradual expansion of the tea market, the types and quantities of tea that people can access are also increasing. When we drink tea, we often hear the classification and expression of “Mao Mao Tea” and “Refined Tea”. What is the difference between the two? Why does the tea need to be refined?

Tea leaves do require two major processes from picking to finished product, which are primary processing and finishing. From fresh tea to ordinary Mao tea is only a semi-finished product, which can be a finished product after real finishing.

Maocha is the initial process of tea. If you see tea from different quality, grades or rough, or entrain the wood, you can say it is Maocha. If you want the quality to be clearer and cleaner, you need to finish it.

So can semi-finished Mao tea be drinkable?

Semi-finished Mao tea can be used normally. In fact, many teas on the market are semi-finished products, and many tea friends drink Maocha. Only these teas are visually inferior to the finished tea.

What is the significance of finishing?

The main purpose of finishing is to eliminate the poor tea, improve the quality of the tea, distinguish the different grades of tea, and help to reconcile the inner quality of the tea.

1. Improve the look and feel of tea.

There are many miscellaneous items such as leaf stalks, miscellaneous pieces, and leaf ends mixed in the semi-finished tea leaves. Many kinds of impurities will affect the color and flavor of the tea, so the removal can ensure the purity of the tea. There are many different forms of hairy tea. Because of the different picking time, the age and quality of tea or the standard and quality are different. It is difficult to distinguish grades during initial processing, so reprocessing helps to distinguish grades and teas.

2. Improve the quality of tea.

Reprocessing will use the techniques of baking and other techniques to organize the shape of the tea, in addition to helping to improve the quality of the tea. The specific performance is as follows: First, the baking technology can reduce the water content in the tea, the water is reduced, and the tea will shrink. Prevent tea from deteriorating, easy to preserve, and clearly grade the tea. In addition, roasting can improve the color and aroma of tea and enhance its quality.

Is finishing good? Is all tea suitable?

This is not the case. Some of the soft teas can be used as fine tea without the need for finishing. Different teas have different degrees of finishing. For example, West Lake Longjing, in many cases, only need to pick out the debris and tea.

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