I heard that white tea is a treasure, and new tea is a grass?

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I heard that white tea is a treasure, and new tea is a grass?

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2019/03/22 09:16

The ancients loved flowers, to what extent?

They think that "flowers are like flowers", especially those who are good-looking, love to pick some flowers, and put them in the pastry, and feel that they will be like flowers when they finish eating.

However, if it is not as good as after the meal, I don’t know, it’s a certain fatness.

Do you still remember the brilliance of the brilliance of the blue-breasted sister? The best pastry she has is the osmanthus fragrans cake, the fragrant scent of osmanthus is enticing, and the old lady in the "Dream of Red Mansions" feasts at the Grand View Garden. I also had this snack, but the ladies and girls are very close to eating.

This kind of flower-based approach is pretty graceful. The petals are wrapped in powder noodles as a pastry, and they are delicious and refreshing.

However, there is a man who eats a lot of boldness. He is Qu Yuan.

In The Songs of the South, there are: "The dew of the Mulan, the fall of the autumn daisy." This kind of practice of holding the chrysanthemum directly into the mouth, the average person can't really do it, it can be seen that Qu Yuan is also being The day was drunk and dreamed of death, and the king of the king who ignored the political affairs was in a hurry, and used this method to show his innocence.

If the ancient air is clear and the water and soil are clean, it is estimated that after Qu Yuan has eaten, the stomach can't stand it.

However, the love of flowers can be more than the ancients, and Murakami also loves flowers.

Walking on the road every day, watching the flowers on the side of the road can not help but close to them, sniffing a few times, helpless, I am a weak woman can not be the same as Qu Yuan, do "love you will eat you."

Although I can't eat flowers, there are still solutions.

Drink white tea.

Especially the new white tea, floral or fresh, or fragrant, or fragrant, in short, smells fragrant, drinking in the mouth is still endless, comparable to the ancients to eat flowers.

However, some tea friends think that the new white tea soup is not as thick as the old white tea. It feels that the new white tea is a grass, and the old white tea is a treasure.

However, the new white tea is really like grass, thin and cheap, old white tea is really like Hessian, worth the price?

Obviously not, listed as an official, please take a look at the following, take you into the inner world of new white tea and old white tea.


What is new white tea?

The new white tea is a refined white tea that has just been harvested from the tea tree and processed through strict techniques. Here we must focus on the strict tea making process, and those teas that are shoddy or even fake are not enough to be called white tea.

Often tea lovers who just drank white tea asked Mrs. Chen to say that they want to drink white tea, but they don’t know whether to choose new white tea or old white tea. They only listen to others saying that new white tea hurts the stomach, old white tea is mild, but new white tea is very fresh. Cool, difficult to choose.

In fact, high quality new white tea does not hurt the stomach.

After the white tea tea is picked from the tea tree, it has to go through two processes of withering and drying.

It is these two simple processes that leave most of the material in the leaves in the tea leaves. After the withering, the tea is rich in tea polyphenols.

However, a tea friend with a weak stomach is extremely sensitive to tea polyphenols. If you drink tea with too much polyphenols on an empty stomach, the stomach wall will be stimulated and partially contracted, and pain will be felt. At this time, the stomach patient If you drink tea with high polyphenol content, it is extremely easy to stomach pain.

At this time, the second process in white tea, the advantage of drying is highlighted.

Drying, while taking away the moisture in the white tea leaves, also took away a certain amount of tea polyphenols and caffeine, and the content of these two substances in the leaves was also reduced to the normal value that the human body can fully withstand.

It can be seen that as long as it is a new white tea produced through strict techniques, it will not cause stomach pain.

At the beginning, tea lovers may choose to use some old white tea or white tea to drink, because they are thick and silky, and the aroma is agile, just like hot spring soup.

But after drinking for a while, come back to tea new white tea, the fresh, fresh taste, high-yellow floral fragrance, will make you feel like a rainy day.

Therefore, tea lovers can safely try different types of new white tea, slowly understand it and penetrate it.


What is old white tea?

The old white tea is compared with the "new" of the new white tea, but it is the new white tea after a certain year.

So, how many years does this certain year refer to ageing?

At present, the official does not give a clear boundary, but the folks have a "one-year tea, three-year medicine, seven-year treasure", so everyone used this to say "three years" as a boundary of the old white tea.

From this point of view, as long as the age of three years of aging can be called old white tea.

The old white tea has precipitated over time, and the contents have become calm. It is no longer as active as the new tea. It is like a little girl who was lying in the arms of her parents in the past few years. After that, it became a mature girl who is mature and sensible.

This is why many tea friends are chasing old white tea.

After all, after years of aging, the fragrance becomes dull, introverted, and the taste becomes mild and thick, especially for some old tea friends, who are extremely obsessed with this taste and admire.

Some new tea friends who just drank white tea can accept the gentle character of old white tea. This stranger is like jade, the unparalleled temperament of the son, and no one should not love it?

However, for tea lovers who are just getting started, when buying old white tea, you must polish your eyes and find a reliable business to buy tea, because some unscrupulous tea bosses, in order to profit, "black hands" on old white tea. Make some inferior fake teas such as old tea.

Such tea can be used to make flower fertilizer, or to cook tea eggs, all right, just don't drink.

In general, Laobaicha is a high-quality old tea that has been properly preserved and aged for three years.


What are the differences between new white tea and old white tea?

After telling you the definition of new and old white tea, the next step is to compare their characteristics.


A tea, the first impression is fragrant.

The aroma of white tea is different because of the variety, the year is different, the level is rich, and the variety is fragrant.

Therefore, the scent of the new white tea and the scent of the old white tea can still distinguish the difference in aroma from the perspective of the year.

The aroma of the new white tea is fresh, fresh and fragrant. It is the fragrant scent of the wet apricot flower. It is the full-bodied fragrance of the vegetable and plum, and the dark and scent of the spring is still the best. Who is the fragrant smell of fragrant...

In short, it is new, tender, and delicious. It is the Fangfei in the world in April and is the peach blossom in the mountain temple.

The aroma of the old white tea is solitary and mature. Whether it is the rice scent of the old silver needle, the medicinal fragrance of the old peony is wrapped with flowers, the bamboo leaves of the old life eyebrow, the herbal fragrant, the fruity, the fragrant, all with the young The freshness is not the same.

They are the agarwood that has been precipitated over the years. The more unique the old taste, the older scholars who have seen the sunset, the knowledgeable but temperament, they are the signs that witness the passage of time, long stretches.


Smell and smell, it’s always your side to sing.

After smelling the incense, if you like it, you have to taste a taste, drink it in your mouth, taste good, and then swallow it.

So, can a cup of tea be called a good tea, in addition to the fragrance, but also taste the soup.

The taste of the new white tea is fresh, soft, sweet, like a crispy watermelon, clear spring water, with a mouthful in the mouth, the entire mouth is bright, fresh and cool.

At this time, gently push the tea soup with the tip of the tongue, you can feel a soft force on the side of the tongue, full of soft feeling, very comfortable.

Old white tea, aged for more than three years, the internal quality has gradually infiltrated into the bottom of the leaves, after boiling water, these substances slowly precipitated in the soup, contained in the mouth, is thick, content, rich Textured.

Due to the long time of aging, the layering of the soup is more obvious. It may be that the first rush is the feeling of sputum, the second rush is changed to thick, and the third rush is mellow, like drinking pulp. .

If the new white tea is a good lake in the water, the old white tea is the old wine with the fragrant flowers and the northern brickwork.


The new white tea is fresh and clear, and is rich in tea polyphenols and theanine.

White tea, after two simple processes of withering and drying, leaves rich nutrients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine and amino acids.

Under the joint action of these intrinsic substances, the new white tea has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, and is suitable for some tea friends who are easy to get angry.

Tea lovers in the north can drink more new white tea. After all, the weather in the north is dry and there is less rain. It is inevitable that there will be a small illness such as sore throat and more new white tea. It is excellent.

The old white tea is derived from the precipitation of new white tea after many years of precipitation. During this transformation, the material inside the tea is also quietly changed, making the white tea more gentle and delicate, and almost all tea friends can drink.

Especially for tea lovers with cold body and qi deficiency, drinking more warm old white tea is extremely beneficial to the body.


It can be seen that the new white tea is also a treasure.

The new white tea made through strict craftsmanship has high aroma, dryness, freshness, clear taste, fresh and sweet, and the mouth is full of refreshing and refreshing.

At the moment the vernal equinox is approaching and the weather is getting warmer. At this time, it is a good thing to drink a few cups of fresh and refreshing white tea.

Old white tea, the fragrance is calm, restrained, thick, lubricated, temper is very mild, is a good tea for all ages.

After drinking old white tea, tea lovers have to taste the freshness of new white tea, which is bound to be two very different feelings.

Not long after, this year's spring white tea will also meet with you. Is it not tempting to see the new white tea that is so fresh and moving?

Today, the silk meditation is on the side of the meditation.

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