The old white tea is alive and dead, it can make tea, but it can't be soaked for a long time. Are you right?

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The old white tea is alive and dead, it can make tea, but it can't be soaked for a long time. Are you right?

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2019/03/22 09:12

These days, I don’t know where Li Mahua came from, and I learned that I was a culinary genius. I bought an oven and various tools and said that I would make a cake by myself.

Li Mahua makes cakes and naturally makes the taste of Matcha. I did not expect that some of the quality of a certain treasure comes from a country next door, and the price is not low, the gas Lima almost wants to wait for the spring white tea to go public, do a matcha yourself.

Matcha, although it is glowing in a country next door, its origin is in China. This is not like a neighbor with a watery saying, it is based on history.

Biyun draws the wind continuously, and the white flower floats on the surface of the bowl.

These two poems are the same when the Tang Dynasty Lu Tong felt when he was drinking matcha, the best compliment to Matcha.

Wipe, in ancient times, means powdered tea.

There are many ways to drink tea in ancient China. Matcha is one of them. It is made by using steam to kill the young leaves of spring tea, and then making it into a tea cake. When it is time to drink tea, it is baked and dried again, and then crushed into powder by stone grinding. Brew with boiling water.

It’s just that the process of brewing the matcha is very cumbersome, so now, few people have used the Matcha method to drink tea. Today, the most common way to drink tea is to brew and brew tea.

New white tea, commonly used brewing, old white tea, brewing and boiled tea, you can even brew tea after brewing, and ensure that the nutrients in the old white tea are squeezed out.

However, this method has attracted the question of tea friends. Since old white tea can make tea, then the tea and water are in contact for a long time, can't it work?


Cooking and soaking, two completely different ways of drinking tea

Cooking is a cooking method in which the food is placed in a large pot and boiled in boiling water, or it is placed in a boiling water pot for a while.

Therefore, when cooking old white tea, it is often after the water is boiled, adding old white tea, and when it is boiled again, the tea will be cooked.

Since boiled tea can release the internal matter of white tea leaves, it is often 300 ml to 400 ml of water when cooking tea, with 2-2.5 g of dry tea.

If the bottom of the leaf is brewed, then 5 grams of the bottom of the leaf is poured into the water.

After cooking, the old white tea, the tea is calm and restrained, the taste is mellow and sweet, and the soup is soft, which is a very flavorful taste.

So what about tea?

Bubble, is to infiltrate some objects in the liquid

The so-called smoldering bubble is to infiltrate the old white tea in the water for a long time.

In the normal brewing process, it is generally a 110 ml bowl with 5 grams of white tea, so the white tea tea brewed out is more clear, and the tea soup is sweet and delicious.


Old white tea can be brewed or brewed, but this does not mean that the tea can be in contact with water for a long time (bulk). The reason is very simple. The long-term suffocation has already left the scope of brewing, and it has become a stuffy bubble. The stuffy bubble brought by the old white tea is a fatal blow.

The reason why the old white tea can make tea, but can not be swelled for a long time, there are several reasons.

[Boiled tea and stuffy bubbles, the ratio of tea is different]

Cooking tea and brewing, the two ways of drinking tea, the ratio of tea to water, are completely different.

Cooking tea white tea, using 300 ml to 400 ml of water, with 2-2.5 g of dry tea. Brewing white tea, using 110 ml of water, with 5 grams of dry tea.

The water temperature of boiled tea is higher, and white tea releases nutrients faster. Reduce the amount of tea, increase the amount of water, so that even if the tea is in contact with water for a long time, but the endogenous quality is limited, so the release of the taste is limited, short-term static has a certain impact on the taste of tea, but it is harmless.

Although boiling water is used for brewing, the contact time of water with tea leaves is short, and there are not many nutrients that can be released from the leaves. If the amount of tea is small, the tea soup brewed will be faint.

Therefore, when brewing, it is often used with 5 grams of tea, with 110 ml of water.

But long periods of smouldering and brewing are not the same.

Brewing, is to fill the water quickly, quickly out of the water, but the long time of the stuffy bubble, but it is equivalent to a stuffy bubble. When the tea leaves are in contact with water for a long time, it will continuously release nutrients into the water.

A large amount of tea polyphenols and caffeine are released into the tea soup, which naturally leads to the bitter and astringent taste of white tea.

[Boiled tea and stuffy bubbles, the length of time that tea is in contact with water]

Cooking tea white tea, after the water boils, throw tea, wait until the tea soup rolls, turn off the fire.

The time of contact between tea and water is limited. Even if the temperature is high, it can promote the precipitation of substances in white tea leaves, but this has a certain time limit and has no effect on the taste of old white tea.

If it is a general brewing, the time of contact between white tea and boiling water is not long. Although there is less water and more tea, the released material is within a certain range, which is enough to make the taste of the tea soup round, but it will not cause bitterness.

But long periods of suffocation mean that the time it takes for tea to come into contact with water becomes longer.

Just like ice, if the hot water is continuously poured from the ice, the ice will be melted, but each time the ice is melted, it takes longer to melt.

But if you put this piece of ice directly into the hot water, then it will take a long time to see it again, and you will find that the ice has completely melted and the temperature of the water has dropped.

This is the case for a long period of time. The internal quality of white tea is equivalent to the temperature of ice cubes. When it is placed in water for a long time, the substances in the leaves are continuously integrated into the water, and then the material in the leaves is exhausted, and the substances in the tea soup are exhausted. Too rich, the result is only the bitterness of the tea soup, it is difficult to enter.

[Boiled tea and stuffy bubbles, the way the tea is released internally is different]

Tea is brewed and brewed, and the way the tea is released between the two is different.

The main reason is that the timing of the two teas is different.

Cooking tea is tea after boiling. After the water is boiled, the temperature is kept at a constant temperature of 100 ° C. After the tea leaves are put into the tea, the inner substance is quickly released, and then the water is immediately turned off. The timing is just right, the tea soup is not thick or light, and the taste is full and rich.

For brewing, first put the dry tea into the bowl, then fill the wall with water and quickly inject the boiling water into the bowl. Because in this process, the water temperature will be reduced, and the waterfall-like effluent will reduce the time of contact between the tea and the water, so the endogenous release time is not enough.

Time is not enough, tea is added to make up, in order to avoid the taste of tea soup, brewing white tea deliberately increased the amount of tea. Therefore, even if it is a quick water when brewing, it can ensure the rich taste of the tea.

However, standing for a long time, or suffocating, will prolong the release of endoplasm, and the endoplasm is dissolved in the water. The taste of the tea will become bitter and awkward as it becomes rich.


[Old white tea can be brewed, but it must not be stuffy for a long time]

The nutrients in the high-quality old white tea are very rich, so that the white tea will be in contact with the tea soup for a long time, which will lead to excessive tea polyphenols and caffeine in the tea soup.

Tea polyphenols have a certain irritating effect on the stomach. Some tea friends love to drink strong tea and feel stomach discomfort after drinking. Therefore, this tea is not good.

In fact, it is not that the tea is not good, but the time of swelling is too long. The tea polyphenol content in the tea soup is too much, and the irritation to the stomach is great, so the stomach will feel uncomfortable after drinking.

Caffeine causes an increase in uric acid, and once uric acid rises, it forms a precipitate in the joints and kidneys, which can cause gout. Therefore, people with gout do not recommend drinking coffee.

In white tea, it also contains a certain amount of caffeine. If it is a long time, the precipitation of caffeine will be excessive. A tea drinker suffering from gout drinks this white tea, which can cause gout.

Therefore, tea lovers suffering from gout should not swell for a long time when drinking tea, which causes a large amount of caffeine to precipitate and affect the body.

[ brewing old white tea tea cake, more avoiding stuffy bubbles]

In the process of licking the cake, even if you are careful, you will inevitably produce a certain amount of tea foam. These tea foams have a small form and are easy to flow into the fair cup along the tea soup when the water is discharged, which affects the clarity of the tea soup and also affects the experience of drinking tea.

In order to avoid the outflow of tea foam, many tea friends will deliberately reduce the gap between the bowl lid and the bowl when brewing, so that the tea soup will slowly flow out in bundles, thus reducing the chance of tea foam flowing along the tea soup. .

However, such a water discharge method has a slower water discharge speed, so that a large amount of tea soup remains in the cup, which will form a swell bubble, which affects the taste of the old white tea.

If you are brewing old white tea, you are really worried about the appearance of tea foam. You may wish to use tea filter.

Put the tea filter on the fair cup before the water is discharged. When you are out of the water, you can feel free to rush out of the water. You don't have to worry about the tea foam going down into the tea soup.


Although it is the same way of drinking tea, cooking white tea and brewing white tea are completely different. And brewing white tea, and stuffy white tea, which is separated by a scorpio.

Cooking tea is tea and water, inspired by the fire. Brewing is tea and water, and the ear is rubbed under the rapids. Although the two methods are different, the purpose is to make the tea and water reach the point of blending with the water, so that the tea is scented and elegant, and the mellow and smooth tea soup is presented to the tea friends.

The long time of slumber, but let the tea and water, into the "seven years of itching" in advance, the needle against the wheat, and finally left, only a bubble and bitter and awkward tea soup, both lose.

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