Looking for Fanjing Mountain in my heart?

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Looking for Fanjing Mountain in my heart?

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2019/03/22 09:23

Where is the best summer heat in summer? Come here! Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou is China's top ten summer mountain and the fifth most famous Buddhist mountain in China. Why do foreigners go straight to the Chinese people to be great?

In July 2018, Fanjingshan officially became China's 53rd World Heritage Site, and Guizhou became the province with the most natural natural heritage in the world.

What surprises us is that in the current surge of tourism development, Fanjingshan still maintains the most primitive ecology.

What surprised us even more is that, besides nature, this border city of the border between Hunan and Jiangxi also contains precious cultures and stories of many ethnic minorities such as Miao, Yi and Yi.

The red cloud golden dome is like two suspended mountains that are opened by a knife. There is a fairy temple on the top, offering Sakyamuni Buddha on one side and Maitreya on the other.

There is a vacant stone bridge between the two temples. Every morning, the golden dome at 2,336 meters above sea level is usually surrounded by red clouds, so it is called the red cloud golden dome. This is the most photographed of Fanjingshan, and it is also the most representative impression of Fanjingshan in people's minds.

In fact, this was the creation of Bailian Society in the Southern Song Dynasty on the boundless legal world and the blissful heaven palace. It was the crowning touch when creating the "clean land of humanity". After the millennium, is Fanjingshan still the secret of being in the clouds and isolating the red dust?

Fanjing Mountain, Fanjing Mountain is the most unique landmark in Guizhou. It is the Lingshan Mountain in the east, it is an ecological kingdom, a scenic spot, and a pure land. On July 2, 2018, Tongren Fanjingshan was successfully included in the World Natural Heritage List. The success of the Fanjingshan application made more people know about this Buddhist resort. It is hard to find a ticket here. In the winter, the Fanjing Mountain will snow, and under the snow, the Fanjing Mountain appears to be more holy.

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