Don't like to drink tea bags? Homemade herbal tea is more material!

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Don't like to drink tea bags? Homemade herbal tea is more material!

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2019/03/22 09:24

The tradition of Chinese people drinking tea has a long history. For many women, the more varied herbal teas are the preferred choices. Drinking herbal tea, in addition to already matching good tea bags, more people still like to do it yourself, choose the flavor that you like to mix tea.

Different materials are placed, and the taste of herbal tea is different. Therefore, compared with the unchanging tea bags, Xiaobian still prefers more fun homemade tea. However, if the match is wrong, the taste will be very bad, and a good cup of tea will be wasted. Homemade herbal tea, how can I drink it? Xiaobian summed up a few points, let's take a look.

The delicious flowers and plants are the soul of a cup of herbal tea. When choosing, we can choose some rich flowers and plants, such as roses, sweet-scented osmanthus, jasmine and so on. Whether they are paired with tea, or with fruits, oysters, hawthorn, etc., they are not easy to make mistakes.

In the selection of fruits, Xiaobian also recommends lemons with a slightly acidic taste and a harder texture. If you feel too sour, with the herbal tea, you can add honey and so on to taste, the taste can be both tea, very sweet and sour.

If you are just starting to make homemade tea, you really don't know which flower to use, then the high acceptance of sweet-scented osmanthus is a good choice. Whether it is green tea, black tea or oolong tea, sweet-scented osmanthus can be well integrated. Combining the sweet-scented osmanthus with the nine-curve red plum with Hangzhou characteristics, it became the famous "Osmanthus fragrans", and many Zhejiang girls like Shui Ling liked it.

If sweet-scented osmanthus can't please your heart, try jasmine. Jasmine tea tastes fresh and tastes sweet, very good. However, it should be noted that the dried jasmine flower that is commonly found on the market has actually been treated, and the floral fragrance has disappeared, so it is not suitable for making tea alone.

Jasmine is more suitable for light green tea, white tea, etc. Black tea does not match the light jasmine tea. Even if it is a jasmine tea of ​​the same taste, as long as you have a cup of West Lake Longjing, you can immediately feel the wonderful combination of the two.

No matter what kind of herbal tea, as long as you like to drink, it is suitable for you, so you don't have to stick to the above, try different combinations and look for your own good taste!

Do you like tea and tea? What kind of matching method do you like? Write your own tea experience in the comment area below, and communicate with everyone.

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