The old white tea is alive and dead, it can make tea, but it can't be soaked for a long time. Are you right?

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The old white tea is alive and dead, it can make tea, but it can't be soaked for a long time. Are you right?

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2019/03/22 09:12

After mastering some basic brewing techniques, many people will immediately slide into a boring stage. Because of the instability of the technique, the level of play is also unstable, and the tea is not good. The reason is the mentality.

When I have a tea with a friend, there are frequent misunderstandings in the brain, various troubles to face tomorrow, some to-do items on the agenda, family affairs, etc. At this time, I want to put tea. Soaking up, the more difficult the tea is, the more fresh it is, and the pleasure of tea brewing and the fun of tea with friends will soon be wiped out at this stage.

The restlessness is most likely to lead to such a situation, because the heart is full of anger, the attention can not be concentrated, tea is still the tea, but the taste of each brew is not the same; want to progress but can not find the direction; The tea is too much to drink and it is easy to cause the taste to passivate, so the mood is more depressed and irritated...

If you give up at this time, then your level will always stagnate at this stage; and to break through, there is only one, that is, perseverance.

It is not difficult to insist on it. First set a goal for yourself, arrange a fixed time every day, let go of everything, and calmly concentrate on completing the brewing of a tea. In the long run, you can gradually wash away the impetuousness of your heart and achieve peace of mind. In countless times of brewing and drinking, turn the focus from “subjective pursuit” to “natural acceptance”. Don’t be overly sensitive to the performance of “tea, tea, tea rhyme” in tea, slowly The mood is gradually calm, the technique is gradually released, the brewing level can be stabilized, and the fun of tea can return to you.

Another kind of mentality, the most likely to appear in the initial stage, is "the heart turns with the tea", all the tea-centered mentality: tea to buy the best, water to choose the best, the water heater should also use the most Ok, how expensive the tea set can be, how expensive it is to use it. Anyone who thinks about how to improve the brewing effect is willing to spend money to try it. Pursuit of perfection is a stage that many tea friends will experience. Although this perfectionism is worthy of recognition, but only pursues aesthetic needs and lacks the spirit of excellence, it will not push you to move on.

If one day, you find that the tea that has been brewed for a long time is not so difficult to drink with proper water, with a water heater that is readily available, and with ordinary tea sets, that means you are entering a brand new world. Because with the increase in the types of tea brewed, the experience of brewing and tasting has gradually merged into a memory in your mind, and you have begun to enter a stage of understanding the panoramic view of tea.

As the understanding of the characteristics of tea is gradually deepened, the brewing effort in your hands is also growing. You can become proficient in the face of different teas, and even the same kind of tea can interpret different styles. This marks that the impetuous gas in your heart has been washed away by tea, focusing on the brewing, knowing all the changes that the tea has made during the brewing process, and the brewing of each tea has reached the point of precise control. . After that, the communication between you and the tea begins to become smooth, and you can easily interpret any kind of tea in every brewing process. Tea will follow your wishes and perform. At this time, you can exhaust all kinds of possibilities of tea, and try different brewing styles without any fear.

At that time, the tea you brewed is not a bit stubborn and artificial, but naturally there is a feeling of touching people. The information about the nature contained in the tea is released from the tea soup. Through the entrance to the drink, the most authentic and comprehensive tea nature of any kind of tea is discovered in depth, and the vitality of nature is realized.

The peace of mind that is uncontested with the world can be suddenly opened up, so that you can make good tea!

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