What is good tea? The tea farmers actually said this

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What is good tea? The tea farmers actually said this

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2019/03/22 09:15

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As the tea market develops more and more, it is inevitable that some merchants will falsify under the influence of interests. The tea that I bought at a high price is not necessarily the tea of ​​the hill in the tea area that you think of; when you drink the real tea in the tea area that you bought at a high price, I think you will be Awesome!

Tea As long as you like the taste of it, the mouth that suits you is good tea. It has nothing to do with the price. It is palatable and cherished.

Pu'er tea should not have a difference in the taste of the same loose tea and cake tea. I think the bigger difference is that the looser tea is more slack and the space is not easy to store. For the lovers of tea collection, there may be no later conversion. The effect of cake tea is good, so it is not realistic. And the tea is easy to store. It doesn't take up space. For the collection, the individual thinks that it is better to choose the cake tea, and the cake tea should be more obvious for the later conversion; Pu'er tea can be stored indefinitely as long as it is stored properly. Storage conditions: in clean, dry, ventilated, no odor, avoid sun exposure, and store in a non-polluting environment.

Pu'er tea, there are 7 two cake tea, 4 two cake tea, loose tea, mini small tea, two two tea, etc. In the last 2 years, Chenpi Pu'er tea, commonly known as Xiaoqing orange, has been introduced, which is an innovative variety of Pu'er tea.

Pu'er also divides raw tea and cooked tea.

No matter which shape, or which tea factory comes out, as long as you feel good, it is not necessary to follow the trend. After all, it is difficult to express this taste. I love to drink tea.

After eating meat and greasy things, I feel that the stomach is uncomfortable and not digested. Just drink a cup of Pu'er tea and keep it safe!

In the full sense, Pu'er tea refers to Pu'er tea and cooked tea, both of which are pressed tea.

Pu'er loose tea also has scattered and scattered. Loose tea is also a wool material. It is not suitable for long-term storage. It can be used for a short time. After a long time, the aroma of tea is lost, so the loose tea is usually used as a raw material for pressing tea.

From the storage point of view, the situation of scattered cooked tea is slightly better than that of scattered ones. If it is stored in a closed container with no odor, such as environmentally friendly cartons, purple sand pots, it will take a long time, but it is still not as long as the pressed tea is put.

Cake tea is also pressed against tea, round and simple, like a full moon, in line with the aesthetic principles of the people; it can be loosened when pressed, and meets the requirements of the storage of the old and the north in the north and the south. It is irreplaceable for other pressed tea, and it is also the main form of Pu'er tea. In line with the inherent nature of Pu'er tea's natural attributes and later transformation, it is the leading protagonist of Pu'er tea's bulk products.

In fact, the so-called good tea, palatable just fine, no need to entangle in the price, not all expensive tea is suitable for the taste of each tea friend.

It is particularly worth reminding that as a new tea drinker who touches Pu'er tea, it is not recommended to contact Pu'er tea at a high price at the beginning to avoid drinking it.

Of course, it is mainly to look at the Pu'er tea that you like to drink. It is very important to start drinking or have a certain tea age. If you are just starting to drink Pu'er tea, I suggest you drink tea in Linyi area. The tea in Linyi area is generally fragrant, tasteful, rich and full-bodied, sweet and mellow. People who have just tasted Pu'er can drink tea from Linyi area. Pu'er new tea in Linyi area is still very good. After three to five years of storage, its tea taste will be calm and the tea will be slightly insufficient. .

If the old tea people who drink Pu'er tea regularly, they should have already formed their own habits. I found a taste that suits me. However, here, my sister said that she can drink more tea from Xishuangbanna Brown Mountain. The commonality of Brown Mountain's tea is domineering, strong, strong and heavy, and the tea tastes bitter. However, after three or five years of storage, such Pu'er tea has a good gas, and the tea is heavy, and the sweetness after the conversion is particularly good.

Good Pu'er tea should be post-production. Pu'er tea is divided into three parts. The product of Tiandao is the innate factor of Pu'er tea. It is the base of good tea to choose the tea green raw material of the unpolluted tea tree with long age, high altitude and large temperature difference. The authentic product is the process of processing the tea into a tea after the tea green material is obtained. This process is on the surface, that is to say, several techniques, in fact, the heart is the key, the tea green can not damage the break, Can not burn green and die, and then each process is carefully cared for, making the authentic products of Pu'er tea. The humane product of Pu'er tea is the late quality formation environment after the raw Pu'er tea gets its own hands. It is safely kept, breathable and suitable micro-environment, to create the conditions for obtaining foreign aid enzymes, so that the tea continues to be stored in good condition. Under the environment and good care management, it gradually formed a quality that marked the tea people's own conduct. Therefore, in terms of the birth of the original Pu'er, the quality of Pu'er tea is made by oneself. The tea that meets the three things of this world is good tea!

To sum up:

1. From the point of view of storage and transportation: tight pressure tea is better than loose tea

2. From the point of view of cost and quality: good loose tea generally does not make pressed tea

3. From the point of view of the production process: after the good pressure of tea in the late stage, it will have a good transformation on the taste. And loose tea is just the last step to make tea.

4. From the point of view of the taste: the pressing of the tea will be better after the baptism of time. No matter how good the loose tea is, it can be used for a short time. If it is placed for a long time, it will not change much for the taste.

The above is my personal point of view, the class door axe, for your reference.

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